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Anyone in Guildford?

I live in Guildford and am hoping to start attending GA meetings soon, possibly at Lingfield which seems to be the closest, or at another branch.

Is there anyone who lives in the Guildford area, and goes to meetings, who might be able to offer me a lift?

Many thanks


I cant give you a lift but can suggest the following, If you can afford it go to Croydon on the Train the meeting is right near east Croydon station, I say this because many members from Lingfield double up with the Croydon meeting. So there is a chance that you will meet someone who can tell you if anyone travels from Guildford to Lingfield for a meeting.

If you haven't got transport Lingfield will be hard to get too.
Brilliant - thanks for the tip.

I am a bit short of cash at the moment (due to gambling) and can;t really even afford to get to Croydon. But I should be OK in a couple of weeks when I shall probably take youor advice.

Thanks again.


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