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my boyfriends gambling
Hi my boyfriend gambling and lies are getTing me down. He went to a few meeting and stop saying he no good in a group cant talk can only do this one 2 one, my understanding was you dont have 2 talk till ur ready , he said everyone else talks and he cant. He stop going and said he will do it himself. He said hes not gambling but never has money. Hs not a bad man but my father is a gambler and i dont want a life like my mum has. Any advise please
They never make anyone talk at my meeting, although they do encourage it. He's going to do it by himself? Well that's not one on one. The reason people at meetings can talk is something that happens over time, I used to hate talking but it really was the only way I got all that off my chest.

Personally I think dealing with gambling by yourself wont solve anything in the long run. He's been dealing with it by himself upto now and that's what's got him here. Something I found hard when I started was accepting that I couldn't beat this by myself, when I did accept this simple idea everything else began to fit into place.

In terms of staying with him, that's really upto you, it's not an easy road and he wont just suddenly be cured one day. I'm sure there's plenty of people that'll say you should support him etc, you don't have to be with him to do that though. Down to wether you love him enough and wether you actually want to be with him and all that jazz, you've got a life too eh?

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