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Help for Someone close to me
Hello. I am trying to source help for someone close to me who is addicted to gambling. He is in some denial but does admit he has a problem. I have suggested Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Therapy. Does anyone know if these help? and appreciate any other advice you can give. Person is spending all earned money and borrowing from others - a high earner so able to get credit easily which he is using to fund the gambling online. Help!
Hi Lucy, I`m a compulsive gambler and will be for the rest of my life.
one of the most frustrating things about this addiction is how to reach some one when they are in the zone , for me all the advice received from friends, family and professionals did not register in my brain ,I was so entrenched in my own world that reality was distorted. I have no experience of the two methods you are proposing for your friend but I`m sure GA members and your friends doctor will have some advice. reading through the share section here will help you understand what your up against, it`s a hard nut to crack but not impossible given the right tools to do it as many a GA member will tell you, there are thousands of sucess storys and I hope your friend becomes one of them. look after yourself as this addiction effects you as well.

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