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Gambling on phone & fobts
Hi All

I have had the most bizzare month. I do need help though. Cant work out how much i have won or lost in the last few weeks, its been madness, basically it ended up with me on my iphone gambling and losing (after winning it back)till 2 this morning.

Absolute madness and i want and need some help and advice, is there a block i can get for the software on my phone?

I also play the fobt's in the bookies. i want to stop and could do with a buddy to chat to on here on a daily basis.

thanks for all the support!!!!!! anyhow i am free from gambling since last tueday night and that feels like a good thing to me
Hi there.

I assume both posts in this thread are from the same person; there is (just) a hint of sarcasm there!

I cannot give much advice to you with regards to software blocking for your phone as gambling online and over the phone was never my bag. I would suggest that many people who have read your post feel the same. Also, your initial post is very vague and perhaps a little more elaboration would not only make people relate to you more, it would increase the amount of interest and effectively more people would post.

Here's something you can try. Ask yourself a few questions:

Is your gambling affecting your personal life?
Is it affecting your mood?
Are you borrowing to gamble?
Are you losing time from work because of gambling?

If you answer yes to any of these I would suggest getting to a local GA meeting as soon as you can. Compulsive gambling is a progressive illness and will only get worse the more you feed it.

If you need somebody to talk to, drop me an email; my email address I won't put on here but I think you can send me a personal message if you are logged in as a member.

However I won't be much use unless you tell me a little more about your situation! Think about how long you have gambled and how much it is affecting you. GA is always here to help the compulsive gambler who has a desire to stop gambling.

All the best,

Gambling on phones(iPhones in my case) can be bad, the only way to block them is to cut off the internet on them altogether i've found.

I have gone down the route of if I have cash or a bank card on me, I give my phone to family to resist the temptation, or you could downgrade to a non internet phone

Hope this helps

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