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Hello i am just here to tell you that it's been theworst few days of my life, because of my own stupidity i have ruined so many peoples lives. I admited I had a problem in March and my hubby and family helped me clear my debts and get myself sorted. Then in July i went back and gambled for 3 days and then stopped again. I have no clue why i did it, all i know is i just found myself at the site and losing again. I felt so bad after i had done it i was sick and the self hate began again. My hubby had told me not to gamble again as he would not be here a second time to help me and would leave. It is my biggest regret that i didn't think about that at the time because i have lost everything that i hold dear and important and for what? So if you are a gambler and have the need to go back, just remember what you have to lose. It bit hard trying not to hit self distruct button when people around you and yourself are hating you. I don't bame him for this becasue i knew what was at stake, but made the fatal error of thinking i could do small amount and walk away. Now , the only walking to be done is to watch him walk away with his word in a bag - such a high price to pay for fun: so please stop and thing before you act

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