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help please
hi name is denise im 36yrs old.......i have a problem with bingo, scratch cards and slots.......i have a lot of problems and i feel like while im forgetting about my problems this is creating yet another........has anyone got any useful tips on how to stop.......its getting me into a lot of debt and causing problems with family members........its making me even more depressed and making me want to go out to the bingo more just to get away from things.......would appreciate any advice........thank you........xx
Hello Denise,
You escape to gamble, exactley what I did in the days of my gambling career and this creates a vicious cycle and the addiction becomes stronger as we no longer know how to deal with our daily affairs. The only answer that I can give you and know what works is to join a CG program if you are near to one (this website has a list of meetings). There you will find people just like you, that have walked in your shoes and know how you are feeling! The meetings are anonymous (just your first name), no fees, just a small contribution towards hall hire, tea, coffee.
Try it, you might like it!!

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