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how do i stop i dont know what to do
i need to stop gambling but how do i not play cards withthe lads when we go round during the week. Over the past 10 years i have lost probably tens of thousands to fruit machines and online poker. I also had a good businness which would have gone well if ihad not been gamblling all night and not going into work. I did once goto a meeting but felt stupid of what i have been doing. I have just started a new business and dont want the same thing to happen as i am doing it all over again when money goes into the business account. I need some help but dont know what to do. This weekI have alreay bet a few thousand whitch i do not have as they are for payments to come out of the business. I just dont know what to do
Hi Lee, Sounds like you have the big 'CG'.!! It was not hard to identify with your story, except I went on to gamble most of my adult life. I'm not quite sure how I survived the life I led and did try Gamblers Anonymous quite a few times over the years but was never really ready to admit that I was powerless over my addiction. At the end of my gambling I really thought that I was going insane and so did other people that knew me. down on my knees, flat broke a criminal record, no job and no friends or family left I finally had to admit defeat and went to GA to get the only help that I really knew worked (I had tried other things eg Doctors,Phychologists,anti depressants and some illegal drugs) that was over 10 years ago and I still attend GA every week, because I know that if I stop attending I will go back to my old ways and I don't want to excperience that ever again.
Drop your pride, ego etc and go back to GA with an open mind and take from the meetings what you need and leave the rest there.
Best wishes and regards
Thanks for the advice everyone, i have not gambled since last week and since i have been looking on this site. I am going to go to a meeting and see if it does have an effect. My only problem is that if you do stop altogether does that mean i cant do the little things like we play fantasy football evey month and have little games of poker, is this still classed as compusive or just fun. I am out of my depth when i go on a machine or online when that can get silly, but what do i say to my friends when i say no im not playing the football or pool?. I do feel a bit better though even just joining this site. Thanks again
i messed up, blew a few hundred online and the missus seen what i spent because of email to the phone and it tells u confirmation of deposits, cant help it.

to answer your question about playin card games with mates etc, its a NO. Trust me mate i thought i could do that, i even told them i was a compulsive gambler ( which helped ) but now after going to ga for a year and stopped going for the last two years i am now preparing myself to attend again after another "silly" bout of online gambling. all the best

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