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2 years and no gambling
This post is a BIG THANKYOU to all the great people at the wigan gamblers anon.

My story is that i got addicted to gambling over 3 years ago and at first i didnt think it was a problem until it started to take over a lot of my life and everything started going downhill fast, lying, borrowing, stealing and taking risks by even going gambling on lunch breaks. I was a different person, not happy anymore, tense, stressed, sneaky and very very selfish. It was all caused by gambling.

It all came to head when i gambled away my last penny and nobody could lend me any more money so i could buy the shopping. That was the best thing that could have happened because i had to admit defeat and come clean to my girlfriend. That week i rang GA to find when and where the meetings were held. Although at the time i thought i could do it all alone and stop myself i knew deep down i had to do it.

I have done two years now without gambling and it is hard especially at the begining but going to GA was the best thing i have ever done. I spent a few months going to as many meetings as i could bar having to work and going listening to peoples stories and how gambling had been basically wrecking ours lives. The GA handbook is a brilliant guide to anybody and i still read it to this day. I will never forget the help and time that people put in to helping me recover from the grips of gambling. NEVER. It takes time, will power and for me mainly realising you need help.

I have been very lucky that my now fiance has stuck by me and gave me all the support in the world even though i still now cant believe she did. I know now that i dont need to gamble to be happy. I have been able to live life normally, able to go on holiday, do more socialising with loved ones and friends and play lots of golf(andy) <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->. Last feb id even saved enough money to propose to my girlfriend and now am getting married in April 2011.

I hope that people who are currently in a real hard place who read this post dont feel that i am gloating or rubbing peoples faces in it but hopefully it can be something to maybe aim for in the future for them. Thanks for reading my story and good luck to anybody that is currently struggling with gambling. GA will most definatly be the first step to getting your life back.

My name is Simon and i am a compulsive gambler.
Hi Simon, Thank you for sharing your recovery story. It is always good to hear how people are recovering from compulsive gambling and yes, we can have a 'happy' life without worrying where our next dollar is coming from and how we are going to 'con' someone into giving us money for our next bet.
Keep on with your recovery and have a happy, full life.
regards helen
Well done to you and congratulations.Yes your story is an inspiration to many,and you have done so well.I wish I could find some kind of inspiration myself,as I am a compulsive gambler and have had just 2 slips in the last 2.5 years,but my life is completely the opposite to yours.I am in complete and total dissarray,my life is a shambles and merely an existance,and I struggle every single day with just the effort of even getting up,probably because my existance is so empty and nothing whatsoever to get up for.I hope you continue doing so well and wish you much luck,and keep going.Andy

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