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Remaining straight
Today is my birthday 20/8 so I thought I may just remind myself of what I am,a compulsive gambler and have been for 27 years now,plus a couple of years before where I dabbled with gambling.I am now 89 days bet free today,and what another terrible birthday it has been,although ive not gambled since 23rd May 2010.Im in exactly the same situation as this time last year,life has deteriorated rapidly in the last 5 years,but as nothing has changed I always fear that I am at high risk of going back to gambling,which I dont want to do,but I only take 1 day at a time,because gambling is always there,although I am trying to completely steer away from it,some days when I am bored I do have a quick peep at racing,but I know this is fatal,and should try and stay strong.I hate gambling and what it has taken from me and the damage it has done to me mentally and phsically is un repairable.I will never be the bright,cheerful,happy person I once was,who was full of life and energy,it is all gone now and I find it nearly impossible to carry on from day to day.But I havent gambled today,for what its worth.Andy

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