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Just realised I have a problem

Over the last couple of years, my gambling habits have gradually started to increase, to a stage where I am getting worried about it. I don't gamble every day, I gamble two or three times a week, but the amounts I am betting are starting to go up.

It all started at university about 8 years ago, where I would often be found being unsociable on the fruit machines rather than chatting to my group of friends on a night out, often I wouldn't drink so I could have more money to stick in the fruit machine. I also spent a lot of time at the casino, I loved the thrill of winning!

I currently play pool at a high level, and end up being in pubs and snooker halls three or four nights a week, and once more can often be found by the fruit machines putting note after note in.

I have always liked roulette and more and more so recently I have found myself in bookies playing on those electronic machines!

I don't gamble on line as I never felt the same "buzz" from doing so, but have started to realise I am getting more and more tempted.

I want to nip this in the bud before it gets any worse, I feel I need to sort this now before I get into this too deep.

Any advice or help how to do this would be greatly appreciated....

I know there will not be a simple "cure" to this...

There is a simple cure "DONT "but that usually only works in short periods of time GA is the only answer i should know i went and stopped gambling i stopped going to GA and started gambling again the moral of the story never start once youv'e stopped
Hi Mat, welcome to the forums

It sounds like your on the verge of tipping over the edge and doing some real damage so well done for noticing that.

I'd advise looking at where you nearest GA meeting is and go along, you'll get some good advice.
There will be plenty of people who understand and can give some advice.

get along cos you want to stop this now rather than go down the road of gambling! good luck
hi Mat, Welcome to the forum you will get all the advice you need in here and also in the live chat room and try to find a GA meeting where you find people like your self with the same problem as you we do no judge,

The biggest step you made is to admit to your self you have a problem with gambling it not easy at first come in here as often you like we will always support you and ask any question you got

if you have any family tell them about your gambling problems if you can more support you got better you will be

GA save my life been going to GA for nealy 6 years the reason I still go is to help people like your self

your friend in GA stephen

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