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26th September
September 26

At the suggestion of a long-timer in Gamblers Anonymous, I began taking "recovery inventories" periodically. The results showed me - clearly and unmistakably - that the promises of the GA Program have been true for me. I am not the sick person I was in years past; I am no longer bankrupt in all areas; I have a new life and a path to follow, and I'm at peace with myself most of the time. And that's a far cry from the time in my life when I dreaded facing each new day. Perhaps we should all write recovery inventories from time to time, showing how the Program is working for each of us.

Just for today, will I try to sow faith where there is fear?

Today I Pray
God, let me compare my new life with the old one - just to see how things have changed for me. May I make progress reports for myself now and then - and for those who are newer to GA. May these reports be - hearteningly - about "what I am doing" rather than - smugly - about "what I have done."

Today I Will Remember
Has the Program kept its promise? Have I kept mine?
Hey, the 25th and 26th spet. day is the same.. Is it ok, or is it a mistake? We try to translate it from english to hungarian, it would be neccessary to know it.

Many thanks,

hi there, it will probably be a mistake, i will try and post the correct days shortly, thanks

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