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I want to quit! but it seems impossible
hello! im a compulsive gambler and i have been since i was 16! and have known about this but refused to admit it! it has ruined my life for so long and now and i want to change! im 27 and have nothing to show for it. because all i do is gamble it any way i can! i work in a factory but most of the time all my wages go on my gambling1 but now it stops! its impossible to carry on or i will end up on the streets. im putting strain on myself and my family! so last night i vowed to myself its time! so im going to the bookies on monday to ban my self! and then try and go to a meeting! i would like any advise and help for me thanks!
Hi, Sounds like you are ready to surrender and that is the first major step towards recovery. Go along to your local GA with an open mind - there is no onus or pressure to talk if you don't want to, but listen to what the other people say and you will hear of some remarkable stories of hopelessness to recoveries from compulsive gambling. The lives of compulsive gamblers is sad, insidious and insane. The things I did to gamble was absolutley insane and I answered 20 our of 20 the GA questions re my gambling. You will find the questions on this web site - see how you go in answering them!
Come back here and let us know how your first meeting was any questions and I will gladly answer them for you if I can.
Your friend in GA
tahnk helen for advice! i will try to go to a meeting asap! i hAVNT gambled this week yet! but i havnt had no money ! so the weekend is a test but its almost like im on auto pilot to the bookies! and im to weak to fight it! but my mind is determined and believe i can do it! i just hope i do!

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