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Want to stop
Right, where do I start?
Been gambling since 16. Before 18, I was hooked on the roulette machines. I'm now 21, and over the 5 years I've tried to stop (friends and people at work have said they would tell my family if they see me gamble again etc). That didn't work, I was just gambling in secret. I was lucky that I have quite alot of money so I've never got into debt with this and I'm no where near debt, however the money will just slide one day and it will get worse and worse and if this carries on, I will get in debt. Dreams about landing on my favourite numbers on the roullette are becoming more and more frequent. I just can't help telling girls I meet about gambling. Even though it hasn't so far, with the horor stories I read, i just don't want to become like this.

At 21, when people my age are putting pence on numbers in a casino, I should not be putting the amount of pounds I do on 5 or 6 numbers. I have been fairly lucky in my my life that I probably have only lost around a few thousand. But I don't want this to carry on. I don't want to think every couple of months, "it has to stop". I want it to stop now. I lose on the horses and decide there bad for me but I can win on the machines so i play them. Lose on them a few week later then decide football bets are for me etc etc. It's one vicious circle, and I just WANT IT ALL TO STOP.

Now I'm intelligent and I know the odds and probabilities, but that lure and lust for mega money just makes me carry on continously. Seeing many people in the casino halls, bookmakers, sometimes makes me feel that I haven't really got a problem when there in alot more than me, but in reality I think we just all have a problem. I just don't want to be like this for rest of my life. I'm going travelling for a year to try and get out of it, but with 2 months to go, I don't want to lose any money which would put my travelling plans in jeopardy. It's that bad that I think I have under control but I just cannot help myself from depositing money online. When I once was tempted to back an horse at masive amounts of money and if it lost, I would jump off a bridge. Now thats when I thought I needed help. I stopped for 2 week, but 2 week is probably the longest I have ever gone. I've tried to cut all ties with my friends who are very keen gamblers, but I just keep going back.

I have a very caring family, and my uncle still lives with his mum and dad due to gambling but no one else in our family gambles, and with my father extremely against it (apart from stock and shares), I really cannot bear to tell him. I want to sort it out without telling anyone from my family as if I can prevent this now, then in a way no harm will be done and I will just look back and think how I got the gambling bug but I 'beat it'. If it carries on though, I have no doubt that one day I could lose it all. Only lately mood swings have also become apparant. and this when I've been winning. In the past 2 week I've made a profit of a several hundred. But in a way, this is why I know I need to stop now, because I will only lose it and the rest.

Sorry for the essay (and poor grammar and punctuation) but having looked at this forum before, I thought it was finally about time I posted on it, as have 5 years I'm now sick of giving anyone else my money.

Thankyou for your replies in advance
ive been gambling since i waz 8 yrs old im now 37 38 next month & i have resantly realised my life waz being distroyed by this terrible addiction i have a story would like 2 share with others <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed" /><!-- s:oops: --> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi wantostop,
i relate to you very much, i too am not in debt yet, i have a bit of money behind me but i feel it starting to slip, i am wasting more and more money thinking that sooner or later i will get a good win (law of avergaes and all that). Im desperate to stop, ive found myself a beautiful girlfriend who has two kids and i just want to support them, but the more i lose the more i keep chasing to get it back. I too was planning on travelling to escape, there i thought i would get out of the daily routine and be able to stop but now i have met my girlfriend thats not goingto happen.
I just need to belive my life will be better if i stop but its had when i see how much i have lost.
Im in a simular boat as you, only i have a wife and child and one on the way so as much as i want to do this for myself, i want to do it for them too.

I can relate to the mood swings and the depression, its horrible so why do we keep doing it?

Its just so easy to deposit money online and thats where my problem began to grow.

I want to stop now, i wish i could just up and leave for a year but i cant, its going to be hard but worth it when i get there and im determined to, starting from today.

Good luck

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