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First time on here - help!
Hello, this is my first time i have used this site, maybe i should`ve used it years ago.

Im a married father of 1, soon to be 2 and have gambled since i can remember.

Over the past 5 or so years my gambling has become a problem.

Before i would go to the local bookies and have a few quid on the horses or football, now im at a stage where i bet online and bet on whatever is on the tv, football, rugby, tennis, golf, anything!

I have lied to my wife about my online gambling, she thinks i go to the bookies and spend very little on a saturday on the football but no, i even got a new credit card and gambled upto my limit online in the space of 2 months.

This morning my wife found my credit card and asked me where it came from an whats on it.

I told her..

She cried her heart out then drove to my mums and has told her.

I have just received a phone call from my mother who has severley repremanded me, told me to cut the cards up (which i have) and has asked me how could i be so stupid.

I know i have been stupid, thats what gamblers are but what got me was i was dying to tell my mother that i have a illness and i need help, people dont see it as a illness, they just see it as one of those things.

I have now been asked to go to my mums where all my family are going to be there and we`re going to sit round a table and sort this out.

I want to sort this out, not just for my family but for me but i would rather not involve everyone in my family.

How can i explain to them i have a illness, i dont want to make excuses for myself as i know i have a problem and need to sort it out and i need help. Help!!

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