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Overcoming the machines...
Hi all...
Im 19 years old and in a whole world of trouble because of roulette machines... Ive been playing since i was 17 years old and have had constant access to money due to the fact ive been working and earning a good wage.. The trouble is when i get paid i will lose it in a flash,
Im in several thousands worth of debt to people i know and i have had to move areas twice to get away. Yet i still find myself doing my "nut" everytime i get money..
I know i have a problem and i want to stop, but i have given up on myself. Ive lost all my friends my family and ive done things that im not proud of, stealing from family..
I am attending G..A tonight for the first time with my mum and im hoping i can change. I need to otherwise my life will be beyond repair..

Stay strong. x
If youve made one good decision in your life, going to GA tonight was it. It takes alot of bad things to happen to realise we finallly need help. Please keep an open mind and give GA at least 90 days,

come back and let us no how it goes


Have been to G.A Kingston twice in two weeks now and its really helped, i havent gambled since ive been!!
well done for going to GA!!! at 19 if you follow the programme and come to terms with what is a desease then you are going to live a good life. At 19 I was the same but it took me till 30 to realise I was a mug gambler who couldnt control it...but I dont think of how much i could have saved in this time. I just think about today and how I wont gamble.

Good luck getting on the programme your doing the right thing going to GA.
Thanks for youre support!
Ive been 4 weeks running now and still havent gambled!
Lifes so much better

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