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Sponsor (someone to take me through the steps) in London?

I've been a member of GA for quite some time and am hugely grateful to the fellowship and the program. I had a decent amount of time off (3 and a half years), but eventually found myself slipping back into my old patterns and had a terrible relapse which last around 3 months. I went into a treatment centre just under a year ago and learned a lot about myself which has really helped me. I truly believe what it says in the orange book - "bring about a progressive personality change from within".

It was recommended to me that I should work the 12 steps, as this is the way to truly find recovery (I hadn't done so my first time around). I was told I should find a sponsor who could guide me through the steps. As I couldn't find anyone working the steps in GA in North London, I eventually found one in Alcoholics Anonymous as sponsorship is key in their fellowship. Recently, we have found the fact that he has no experience of gambling an issue, and he has suggested I should perhaps seek someone who is working the 12 steps in GA. I am going to keep trying new meetings in an attempt to find someone, but I must confess I'm not feeling hugely confident. Hence, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much,

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