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please help
I am a really strong character in all aspects of life except for my gambling to which i seem to have no control what steps do i need to take please help and advise me
Hello Barkingjohn,

The advice is obvious "go to a meeting". More importantly go to a meeting with an open mind. Whichever meeting you choose to go to you should get the help and advice that you need to start to turn your life around.
I could list the advice that you will receive from a meeting here, you could probably find it from other sources on the internet. Neither of which would probably do you much good, because only by attending meetings regularly does this programme really work.
It also helps if you implement the advice that you are given. You might not like, agree or understand the advice initially, but it is all necessary if you want to live a gambling free life.
If you are wondering whether the programme works and is it worth the effort, believe me it does and it is.

I hope your next step is a positive one.

Im a very strong character also, nothing phases me. This made it more difficult for me to beat gambling, ie control the desease by living "day by day" away from gambling. I suggest like Adam attending a meeting even if you say in your mind it is for curiosity purposes only as with all strong characters we dont feel we really have much of a problem. This curiosity will lead you to a place that will give you some understanding of what it is you face. I hope you attend a meeting and we have another post soon....

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