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Hi, need help!!
Hi, my name is Brad, im 23 years old, and in a lot of debt.

Over the years, ive gambled since i was 17, mainly on roulette online and in casino's!

over the past couple of months ive started to realise i have a major problem, and when a big loss happens, ill tend to try and win that money back over and over again until i keep losing more and more!
ive been on the chat system on here, speaking to people and getting advice for the past few weeks, and i have been keen to stop gambling, but not as much as now! ive been placing bets telling myself "i can do it, just 1 more after this one"... and i carry on until i blow the whole lot!

I am going to attend meeting on monday.

Also another thing i need is the blocker software, is it free? I have no money left to my name so cant actually buy it <!-- sSad --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt="Sad" title="Sad" /><!-- sSad -->
You say you will go to a meeting at 23 i wish i did actually go!! I wont offer any advice to you albeit to say go to that meeting. If you truly want to stop and want to live a better life as the past four years nearly ahve been for me then the first thing to say is I am powerless over gambling, you mentioned "oh just one more" the whole point to being a compulsive gambler is one is as bad as sixty as once in action we cannot stop. Let me just say if I had stuck to a programme at 23 I would have tens times more than I have now but what is gone is gone and our destiny is of our own choosing!! I will be a compulsive gambler at 50 let alone 34 as I am now!! but I can do a lot rectifying all the damage I caused before, just by living one day at a time....and saying today I will not gamble.

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