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what to do
I'm a 20 year old lad and struggling with online gambling! Last year, whilst out of work, i managed to get overdrawn through gambling, as well as the odd night out etc. However,my mother paid the debt off and ive been paying her back weekly. I had just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have since again in the last couple of week through online roulette, i know i have a problem but i just dont want my parents to know i have gotten in the same situation again and now she is asking for a bank statement to keep check on my balance. Have thought about a credit card to pay off overdraft and just repay it in that 12 month but im not the smartest when it comes to handling money and think this may make matters worse with money being more accessible..advice would be appreciated
Well done firstly by going on here at 18, I was never the smartest lad with money either. However a fear of feeling a failure for our actions can lead us deeper down the path of deciet and lies that distances us from all who love us. Dont make this mistake at 18 I wish I confronted the problem I had instead of trying to face alone, it cost me a further 12 years of my life. If you feel you have a problem now think where it can be when you are older earning more, I will tell you, bigger problem. Tell your parents they will judge you and you will feel shame for a week, but learn from this, if you feel you would like to go to a GA meeting. I cannot give you anymore advice than this...whatever you do do not create a bigger mountain from a small issue by trying to gamble you way out.
Hi there,

Pleased to hear that you are repaying your mother back the money she bailed you out with. That is the right attitude. Unfortuently bailing out people with gambling addictions tends to be a waste of money if they don't arrest the problem. A similar thing happened to me, what a relief, but because I did not address the cause of the problem I carried on gambling and racked up the debts again. My parents might as well of sent me to the bookies with the money in the first place rather than pay my debts off.
I completely agree with Barrie regarding coming clean to your mother, it might hurt but it will be better in the long run. Obvious advice is for you to attend a GA meeting. You might or might not want to do that, it's up to you. Getting a credit card is a bad idea, all you will end up with is a maxed out credit card at a stupid intrest rate and probably still run up an overdraft. When this happens it is going to be even more difficult to come clean with your mother, especially with the amount of lies you will have been telling her to cover your tracks (we have all done it).
With your mothers help you can get a blocker put on your PC to stop you accessing gambling sites. I would also advise you getting internet banking and letting your mother know the password so that she can check your balance regularly. This might make you think twice before performing a gambling transaction.
There is lots more advice that could help you abstain from gambling, but you will have to go to a meeting to get it. I hope you do.


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