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Gambling is a mugs game!!!
Hi all, my name is Jimmy im 30 years old and im a compulsive gambler. I have a partner and 2 young children.
Heres my story.... My gambling all started when i was a kid and i started to play the fruit machines. My parents used to give me my friday night pocket money for sweets etc...,but i went and gambled it every single week. Little did i know i was hooked on gambling as a young lad. This then led to me going to the bookies for a football bet and a bet at the horses. Very rarely getting a winner!! And if that wasnt enough the bookies started to show virtual horse and dog races and i was silly enough to bet on that. My friend once said to me 'why do u think there is only 1 payout window and normally around 3 betting windows???'. I just thought it was an old cliche'. I shoulda awknowledged wat he was saying to me. But the worst was still to come, ROULETTE!!! This game has brought me to my knees, owing out thousands of ££££'s. I have lost 10's of thousands over the years and its made me a broken man. I would tell lies regulary to get to play it and get my buzz. I have won some reasonable amounts from time to time, but when i lost i lost everything and more. The problem is I never know when to quit, i used to say 1 more big hit and im done, but this never happened, i kept going and going!! There comes a point when u just have to admit defeat and say enough is enough. And thats the point im at now. Iv caused grief and heartache to my partner and my mum. This time im gona turn the tables and fix all my problems. I owe it to my kids and family. I just pray to god that i can overcome this horrible addiction. Feel free to leave me a message or comment, i would be grateful. All the best overcoming this lifethreatening disease.
Hi Jimmy, Good on you for admitting that you want to be done with gambling, unfortunately for CG's it would be almost impossible to try and attempt recovery on our own. Over my gambling career I tried many different methods to get the help I needed but the only thing in the end for me was to attend a GA meeting and I did have many busts along the way but kept on going and eventually I started working the 12 steps and havn't had a bet since - just a day at a time. Gambling is a serious illness and can take us to insanity, death or prison if not treated.
Other people will come along and give you other advice, there are some very wise CG's on here that have walked in your shoes.
Best wishes
You may see me often post comments on here, firstly well done for saying "enough is enough" I am sure your wife and two children will appreciate this much greater. Im similar to you didnt realise till 30 what i was or had done to myself, its a long long long time since I had a bet, nearly 4years come January but the next bet is only round the corner.

You see one thing you have put in this message that we didnt listen to advise we just did this. My best friend at 18 said to me "you a mug" as i piled like a looney tune into a one armed bandit. I was a mug all through my twenties also I cannot really even begin to asses how much I lost in terms of cash, lets just say "enough" this doesnt however matter to me. What however matters to me is ensuring i take one day at a time and dont bet, simple, that focus is daily and for the rest of my life.

Because I know that although courage and strength is strong at this moment there will be dark days ahead where I lose someone I love or something goes wrong in my life, but being away from gambling you realise and learn to cope with these things.

Good luck in abstaining and well done for admitting on here, i hope you attend a meeting and follow a path that is better for you.

Stay strong "a day at a time for the rest of your life"
Online Roulette has ruined me - and to be honest I had the same thought process about gambling...How could anyone ? I now know how...It has destroyed me

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