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one da at a time
im geoff and im a compulsive gambler that i have known for many years.i first went ga 4 years ago after trouble with the police for the way i behaved mostly towards my familly/no job that was lost after11 years at the same company/money/time lost i would spend several hundred every day in the bookies and all the time out of it wa consumed by when and what my next bet would relationships hadall broke down i wa kicked out of my house by my parents i had quite a bit of dby no freinds etc and i thought i ws worthless.i managed with the help of ga to get 19 months abstanace but since then i have had 2 days betting in th last 3 and half months.i have strugled with the guilt of that as my mum and dad have been brilliant to me they always make sure i have a little extra money to go ga if i need it(i go 4 or 5 times a week),my sister looks afer my money takes me out and kees me busy.i now go collage,hollidays,gym,clothe,friends,peace of mind,sanity,happyness etc.
i take my illness and problems a day at a time gambling left me with severe depression but that is under controll with my tablets.i now know its just the momment i have to controll not the past or future.i regret i slipped but i go again i have tightened my blocks access to money from a little to only what i need,reading my ga book more,teling people i can never be fully trusted its hurts to ay but it is very true,i speak to my freinds which include a members.i am keeping my head up and when i struggle i try to remember that i ill and can get through it,also weni have the urgeto gamble its ok thinking it but very very wrong to do it as i know how i act when i gamble in fact the last tim i gambled i lied mrore in that day than i had in 2 tody i will a just or today i willnot gamble and i will follow some of the 12 steps i will look as good as i can ,take the message to other c-gamblers,right my wrongs s and whenineed to etc.
lastly my recovery would not be like this if it wasnt fo ga,s support.thank you.
sorry about my spelling and typing i really should use spellcheck or at least have a read of it first sorrygeoff.

I don't think you need apologise for the spelling because the message you're sending is loud and clear and it's much appreciated. The GA way is working for you and just by posting your message, you're already helping others.

Thank you for sharing

typing and spelling are the last things you need to worry about;having realised the extent of your problem and what it was costing you in human terms,you deserve great credit for facing up to them.hope you can continue to turn your life around with the support of what sounds like a great family;all the best and keep us posted,DW
Geoff, You are truly blessed. Life without gambling is so beautiful. I lived on my own will for a long, long time, but these days I just live one day at a time using God's will just for that day. I still have my up's and down's but say the serenity prayer and that always gives me the right answers.
May you live the rest of your days in recovery from compulsive gambling.
Helen a GA member

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