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Hard to quit
Hi all,
I just wanted to share my problem and hear from people who have similar problems or people who have been there and beaten it. I'm 22 and have been gambling for around 3/4 years now, I started with a small amount a week on the football to make the weekends more interesting. This wasn't excessive but as I'm sure is the case with most people it has ended up getting worse. I now seem to empty my bank account as soon as I get money in there and I can't go on borrowing money from my younger brother to pay my rent. I am sure the amount I am spending is no way near what some people have lost but it still ends up hundreds a month. I moved from football to the horses as well and now horses more so.

The strange thing is I have never been tempted or excited by casinos, fruit machines etc. I like the football and horses as it feels like its almost a challenge as opposed to chance and I have a say in it unlike hoping for the right number in roulette etc. It is the adrenalin rush thats got me hooked and through boredom I end up popping down the bookies and ultimately end up losing everything looking for the rush of blood.

I would like to hear from anyone who understands or has advice or stories about how bad things got and how they turned their life around as scare tactics make me think more than anything else.

Thanks for your time reading this and good luck everyone, Jon.

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