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Stopping before it gets worse
I am 19 years old and I ashamed to say I'm an addict. I have been going on machines and casinos for a year and a half, an because o my addictive personality I can't stop. I work in a boring office and there is a betfred bookmakers over the road.(here is my problem) I can't go a day without putting money in a machine. And if I do I always feel like rubbish. I'm in debt but luckily not up to my neck. I'm scared to tell my parents so instead confided in my mates and boss. He was really helpful and my mates bailed me out a couple o times. Bu I need to pay then back now and just keep gambling. They don't hassle me for money but can tell it's affecting our friendship. I've lost my girlfriend so I need my mates more than ever! What can I do?
Hey Jordon,
How are you??seems your unwell!! What do we do when we are unwell?? we take medicine and try to get better.

Jordon at 19years of age if you listen to my post then I am not only going to save you a lifetime of complete misery but an untold fortune also, believe me when I say this.

When I was 19 i was also a compulsive gambler, my mates also bailed me out, as did my boss. Soon they were no longer my mates and my boss was no longer my boss and I simply moved to the next circle of friends.

between 19 and 24 I did all you can imagine, slept rough, stole, lied and cheated. I was fortunate that my parents through hard love realised I had a serious problem (desease) and started to put me on a good path.

Still I didnt either understand my problem (it was just me) or really truly wish to quit, I wasnt low enough. I have now im 34 i havent had a bet for a long long time 4yrs nearly and now I realise how lucky I am to have parents like I do.

However although I dont look back with regrets I do wish one thing, I wish when I was 19 God had granted me the serenity to accept the things I couldnt change the courage to change the things i could and the wisdom to know the difference.

Im not religious, Im actually an athiest but that above sentiment I wish I had known when I was 19. What happens is this Jordon, I thought being a 19 yr old lad that I could handle my problem, I could fix situations so i did and this started a pattern of more situations, more problems, more lies, more desperation.

Jordon I dont know you, you dont know me, I am a Compulsive gambler that means i couldnt go to a pub without going on the bandit, I was always skint, always trouble. But if you seriously do something about this now all the things you really want will happen, you will have a gf, you will be a nice guy, you will have a good future.

Sit down and tell your parents, they are the closest people to you, people who love us the most. Then find a meeting and go, it wont cure you like a magic wand but it will give you an insight to where your life will lead if you dont do something about this desease yourself.

Jordon your post has touched me because of your age and I know the misery of a life I had for 11years from that point.

Do as I say and all will be better dont and I hope ny the time your 30 you dont have regrets.
I know how you feel pal. I almost lost my girlfriend over gambling. Well, it wasnt so much the gambling but mostly the lies and deception that came with it. All i can say is get yourself down to a meeting and attend every week, it will do you the world of good. Dont be ashamed of your problem, just put all of your energy in to beating it and never gambling again. There are always people to help you, especially your mates,

Watch how you go pal,


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