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neeeed help!
hi my name is dave im 27 and have been gambling for around 10 year in the time i estimate i have lost a lot of money. Just riting this makes me feel sick! im not rich i have an avarage salary which makes losing this money all the worse!

My story starts when i was around 16 or 17 a trip to the local bookies with my friend to bet on horses and dogs i also lost money on fruit machines but i believe from that first day in the bookies i was hooked. my gambling levels have generally increase the more money i have earnt, i have spent my life lying and being decietfully to the people that love me the most i have two failed long term relationships due to my gambling.

At my lowest point i was using my girlfriend at the times bank card to get my fix online and hiding bank statments getting loans just to fund my habit as i say it was mainly horses and dogs which also moved on to football with roulette thrown in for good measure but i also needed my fix after theses all finished late at night so i moved on to american sports, sports which i had no clue about betting large amountsof which i didnt have!

Throughout my gambling life there have been times when ive gone a month or two without gambling ive tried to remove the temptation by selling my laptop, other people controlling my finances but i had got so good at lying and being decitfull i think the people close to me never really knew how bad it was so in the end i just sunk back into it.

Ive always been massively defensive about my gambling attacking people that have dared to question where i have been or where my moneys gone, i need to let my barriers down and confront this.
this is the furthest i have ever gone in combating my problem i have a tendency to put things off and sweep things under the carpet but i know this wont go away so hopefully this will be the first step in the road to recovery!

Anyone wishing to share there storys or has any advice i would love to hear it.
Thanks for reading, Dave
It's good you have posted this and recognise you need to change. My husband is a compulsive gambler we are currently separated and it has destroyed our relationship. It is for this reason I urge you to get help. GA meetings are the best way to get help, find one in your local area and go as much as you can.
Good luck I hope this is the first step to your recovery.
Hi Dave,

Just read your post it's not that I'm not shocked by it it's that nothing you have said surprises me. If their was a standard operating proceedure for being a compulsive gambler most of the things that you have done would be in it. Unfortuently lying, stealing and cheating pretty much goes hand in hand with being a compulsive gambler. Is there any good news you may ask? Luckily there is. Its called GA and it envolves going to a meeting, which should be your next step if you want to turn your life around.
You're 27 now, were you to go to a meeting and follow all the advice you were given (maybe go to two different meetings to be sure) and view the GA programme as a long term commitment rather than a quick fix, your life could be completly unrecognisable from what it is today by the time you are 30 (often it starts improving straight away). Or you could continue to gamble and your life could still be unrecognisable by the time you are 30, only in a less desireable way.
You never know you could be the one offering the advice to people who are still suffering from their gambling addictions in the future, knowing how completely your own life has been turned around for the better. It's a very nice position to be in.


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