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today i lost a lot of money in one hour
HI everyone,

I cant beleive i am doing this i know i have a problem with gambling and its like im living 2 lives, the deceptive gambler and the nice young girl who respects her parents and friends and would do anything for them . The truth is i am like Jekyl and Hyde. My intentions are always just to have £a small bet on an online slot machine but it never ever works that way. Today i went online and won a large amount and i withdrew it all straight away and i was buzzing, but then i noticed the option to reverse the funds so bit by bit it all went back in and i lost - what a tit!

I have just broken my leg and im finding 8 hours of the day due to bordem i am sat in front of a machine gambling, even when i have ran out of money i play the machines for fun. Just sat in the same position for 8 hours, i have just realised i wouldnt even go to the toilet coz it means i would of had to stop. how pathetic is that?

What makes all of this seem stupid to me is that i have worked really hard through school, university and at work to strive for the best, i am a complete hypocrite. I am constantly lying and lending money from my mum who is the loveliest lady in the world, its making me so depressed to think about what i am doing to her, she is juggling money around so she doesnt have to tell my dad, but im lying to her saying ive been mugged, or lost my money, its a different excuse every weekend. Up to date i owe about a lot of money and i know this has to stop, if i had one wish it would be for will power.

I would love some counselling, i went to one session but then stopped coz i had to travel, does anyone know of any online counselling that would be beneficial?
My name is Steven, I’m 42 and a compulsive gambler. I recently posted my story on here titled for my wife and daughter please feel free to have a read.
There are many different forms of counseling. There is live chat on this site as well. However, the best form of support, counseling call it what you like is going to your local GA meetings.
I know that many people for whatever reason don’t want o go. I myself didn’t but the only way to learn to live with this awful addiction is to go to GA and gain support and help from fellow sufferers.
I have heard of not one person who has been able to manage their addiction without GA. Even with GA it is something that will live with you everyday.
Give it a go, you may be surprised as I was at the people who are there.
My name is Steven and I’m a compulsive gambler but have not gambled today.
Good Luck.

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