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GA has been a god send to me. I attend meetings as often as possible, so far 4times a week. Last night a member told me that maybe going to so many meetings is not the best thing. GA saved our lives but is not solely our lives. Right now I feel I need them and was wondering about any one else's view point on this theory.
It doesnt matter how many meetings you go to, if I were a millionairre wich unfortunately im certainly not then I would fly to meetings around the world.

Anything but gamble!!

Gambling and we know this as do all the people who's lives it ruins live in a world where they are chasing, chasing losses, chasing dreams, sleepless nights coupled with massive headaches.

God looked at me and said "thats not you" and I had the courage to say to myself the only thing I must change is gambling to become a decent honest hardworking person.

The change is not overnight and I can tell you of thousands that have been to GA gone for a while and then stopped, why? because they were bored and started gambling again.

its easy to forget where gambling took us, the lies we told, the deceipt we gave, the unpaid bills, the wish of one quick fix.

Your courage is your determination to quit gambling one day at a time. I will say maybe you dont need so many meetings but it depends on your inner security, circumstances and will to change.

If you feel it helps and it gives you strength then as many meetings as possible. But dont fall in to the trap that your fear of failure stops you from living, you can live a normal life away from gambling.

Just for today I said no to the fruit machine, I didnt care of I were rich or poor, just as long as I didnt gamble thats all I needed.

I did something constructive with my time even if it were not purposefull.

Good luck...your not alone keep fighting!!

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