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The life in the eye's of a gambler .....
Thank you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope. ( I am also in another fellowship) I attended my first online GA meeting here today then phone a man in the other fellowship I knew was in GA too. He is taking me to my first GA meeting in a few hours time.

I feel I was mostly small potatoes where my gambling is concerned but it is getting worse. I enquired about GA a couple of years ago but felt I would be laughed out of the meeting because my gambling sounded piddling so did nothing further about exploring GA.

I started with small bets and they have got bigger. I am on benefits and seem permanently to live with a calculator attached to my left hand wondering how I am going to manage. I am also getting onling 'payday loans' at over 4,000% interest and I started pawning my jewelry last year.

I was looking for an online fellowship meeting on Sunday and came across a fellowship that helps with debts, so I went into the meeting. Thank goodness it has stopped me getting unsecured debts every day since then and I have a contact for there too. However I realise my main problem is gambling right alongside my alcoholism.

I know I have a golden opportunity now to do something now and today I tore up 2 lottery tickets without checking them - its a start. Soembody online here today put it to me that I could end that way of life and start a new life now and that appealed to me so I am throwing in my lot with GA.

Thank you for bearing with me. I am Norah a compulsive gambler who hasn't placed a bet for 2 days.
I am touched by your last post! One of the greatest gifts I can give myself is to have helped others.

Mostly because its much better than the snivelling idiot that I was before.

I got that by living one day at a time....I hope in doing that I can fulfill my dreams and my dreams are just normal dreams.

I dream of buying a new car...or making my business a little stronger...I dont believe in something for nothing...

Speak soon Glenn.


Hi Glenn,

Glad your working on ways to stop gambling again.
Good to hear your going to be at your meeting again this week...

Reading between the lines, had you been working on your recovery as hard as you could?

Keep going chuck
In unity

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