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gambling suicide
I'm not a gambler myself but I've spend seven years with a partner who was. Last month he committed suicide. He just couldn't carry on anymore with his second life. He left me with our 18 months old son and debts I did not know about... How do I carry on? My partner was supporting all of us while I was looking after our baby, how will we survive? How will I explain to my son what happened to his daddy, when he is older...
This is so sad to read.
As a compulsive gambler in recovery I know how close I came to doing what your partner did. You very much need help in overcoming this and I can only think that contacting your nearest Gamanon meeting will be able to give you support (you can find these meetings on this web site or contact GA). You will also need to seek some financial advice immediately. Hopefully they can sort out your finances for you. I am not sure what sort of financial help that you are entitled to through the Government because I am in Australia, but think your system is probably similar to ours here and there should be some help. You will need to explain to your darling baby one day what happened to his daddy and that will be very hard for you, but in the meantime you need to take care of yourself.
Compulsive gambling is a very serious illness and unless treated can send us to insanity, prison or death. I urge anyone who is suffering from this illness to seek help and to talk to someone about what is happening in their lives.
I pray someone else will come along and offer you their hand and understanding at this time.
God Bless you both and keep you safe.
Hi, at this very difficult time the last thing you need to be worrying about is your late partners debts. There are a number of organisations out there which will give you the advice you need. Try contacting the creditors and advise them of the situation (or get a friend/relative) to contact them on your behalf. You need them to freeze the debt immediately, i am not sure legally how you stand with the debt. I know how dark this situation is as i am Gambler in Recovery.
As mentioned by Helen there are GAMANON meetings that you could attend for advice. The advice line will give you details of the closest one to you.
Only you will know when it is right to tell your son what happened.
My thoughts are with you and your son at this very sad time.

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