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My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I havent had a bet today or for 179 days now,but although life is still very crap,its not getting too worse at the moment,but only because I havent gambled.Recovery is slower than slow can be and things just never seem to get better,but I guess they must be as Im managing to pay bills,just about,but as ever,always skint.There is certainly more sorrow and pain in life than happiness,thats for sure.Yes there is a big hole in my life without gambling,but I do not miss it 1 bit,I HATE it,and HATE what it has done to me,and my life over the past 25 years.Ive been a waster and now Im perhaps starting to grow up,but finding it very difficult in the real World as its just full of crap.I dont go to many meetings although I know I should and that is 1 thing I will try to make sure I do.
But just for today I will not gamble.Andy
Great Andy, I can hear your recovery and see the progress. I still have to deal with the fallout of 45 years of gambling and probably will for the rest of my life. But money no longer bothers me and as long as I can deal with my bills that come in I'm having a GOOD day. The emotional stuff I will deal with forever I guess. Read the previous post Andy. That proves where gambling can really take us.
Keep coming back Andy
Your friend in GA fellowship

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