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The gamblers partner
My partner of 18 years is a gambler, over the years he has lost tens of thousands. And still I stupidly didnt think he had a problem, up untill a year ago when the penny finally dropped, i know its hard for the gambler to admit to the problem but its also hard for the parnter to admit that a 'hobby' is way out of control.
He used to be such a lovely, mild mannered sociable man, now he ignores his children and has no desire to do any thing other than sit infront of the computer gambling on football and horses day and night, Gambling is his life!
I have forgotten what a normal life is like, and I think he is close to having a break down, he calls me evil, says Im going mad and that I am an unfit mother, he says he does not love me or respect me, none of this I really believe, its the gambling thats talking not him.
But I cant take no more and I am worried about the effect this is having on our children. I have told him its either me or the gambling, he said he will choose the gambling.
So He is moving out this weekend, and its such a waste of his life.
The shame, my life with a gambler, now I dread every body knowing. now Im a failure too.

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