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90 days passed
Hi my name is Dougie and i am a compulsive gambler.

This day 96 free of gambling for me it is also the second time that i have achieved 90 days only the first time i managed to extend it for 8.5 years but hopefully i will not become Complacent and think that i was normal like i probably did the first time.

The first 90 days time wise seeems to have flown by and i am slowly getting some semblance of normality back. My Family are talking to me now and there are less tears from my wife and myself.We still have debts but these are managebale but if i had continued gambling then as sure as never being able to win enough money then eventually my/our debt would have grown to impossible.
How do i feel at present?
Better than i did during the first 14 days but still fighting Impatience this is still one of my biggest problems. Just like when i was gambling EVERYTHING WAS NOW OR NEVER and every time it was never.i want my/our life to be back the way it was before i started gambling again but even i realise it will never be the exact same as the trust previously built has all but been destroyed by my compulsion and lies but i will keep striving until my last breath leaves my body that the dark side that ruled for many years has gone and never will return. No one knows just how long one has on this earth but i hope to die having never betrayed the trust of my Wife ,Sons their Partners and my Grandchildren again.I hope everyone who comes on to this site and has a problem gets help and beats it .

My name is Dougie and i am a Compulsive Gambler.
You are the inspiration that keeps people like me believing the path we are following is the right path, one worth fighting for. Your undertsanding of your failings, understanding of the life that brought you misery, understanding to those you love is what I hope will lead you to take 96 days and "day at a time" make that the rest of your life.

My name is Barrie, I am a compulsive gambler, today I was touched by your sentiments and just for today i will not gamble.

You are why we have a fellowship of men and women that come together to do something about there gambling problem.

You are one of us and all of us and by each others foresight we will not gamble.

Thanks for your post. I dont have access to GA meetings but post daily because today i did not gamble.


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