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A Family Member Screws Up Again AFTER 12 Steps
Hi Whomever,

I really need some help here... Where to begin?

I'm not a gambler so can't understand what drives someone to gamble but my life is affected by a family member whom is a gambler... However, I am guilty of hiding the gambler's shortcomings to his significant other many times over and another family member after the gambling family member attended GA meetings and earned their 'badge'.

I am a firm believer in honesty and find myself in a position of what I view as emotional blackmail. The significant other is now aware of the situation and has asked me not to mention the gambling to the other family member - I'm sorry if this is difficult to follow. I find this difficult as ultimately it means I seal a death toll as they will be written out of a will and I will be the only beneficiary. The gambler in the family made life hell for a long time within the family and quite honestly I have been robbed both physically and now I feel I am being robbed of my dignity.

If this makes sense to anyone please advise on how I should approach this. I'm at my wits end and am fed up of living with all the lies and deceit - it is making me very unhappy...

Yours truly

Someone affected by someone else's shortcomings

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