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my life is falling apart to this habit
I am a 20 year old lad who has been gambling since i was about 14 as a few family members have a flutter and i have been brought into gambling. I am tired of hurting people around me all the time. I have hurt my family so much. Gambing has led me to spend what money i have. Then i have taken off my parents, sister to win it back and lose what i have of theirs. I have just found out my girlfriend is pregnant. I've been with her 10 months. I've never been this happy but I've lied about money i have spent in the bookies and now she doesn't believe a word i say. She finished with me over the weekend and i dont want to lose her. I need help to get my life back on track. I'm so emotional at the minute and can't bear to think i have lost her and my first child.
Hey Joe,
I am sure you are emotional as you have many many things going on in your life right now at a very very young age. If you feel totally that it is the gambling that is the main issue here in your life then you must address that first before all other things.

A wise man once said to me "what will be will be" and that is very true all you can focus on is you, getting yourself well, this starts in a few ways.

First if you cannot resist a bet then you must find a different path to follow and believe me when I say its a less expensive one. so I suggest going to a meeting, if your old enough to be a dad then your old enough to understand the destruction gambling is going to have upon your life.

Listen to others who have had worse and once you have been to that meeting it will help you to be honest with those around you and make changes within yourself.

Once you have done this and are "less emotional" you can then talk to your gf in a sensible way and tell her all the changes your making in your life.

We have a habit of being selfish in being compulsive gamblers but understand she is emotional also, she is young and is having a baby, this is a life changing thing for her.

Joe find a meeting and go for you, you may find making that change will bring about a lot of good for you but you must want it to happen.

My name is barrie and I am a compulsive gambler.

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