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Is this the only way
Hi everyone, have had this crazy addiction for as long as I can remember. My choice to gamble does not come into it. I have no choice. Many,many years ago I really wanted to stop this terrible habit. But it has come to the point now ,that I can never ever stop gambling.What is it that makes us want to gamble. There are a 1001 reasons not to .Like the amount of debt you can get into e.g ,bank loans, log book loans ,payday loans ,credit cards and the list goes on.The mental torture it causes yourself,your partner,your family and friends.Lack of self respect for yourself. All the time wasted whilst gambling that could have been put to good use. And the list goes on .The reasons for gambling are few but are so strong that nothing even comes close to that feeling of gambling and winning. But in the long run we know that there is only one outcome. Which is when you get the feeling of depression,low self esteem,lack of will to live,financial torture and many other feelings that I are too rude to put on this page.I am now 44 years old and should have a reasonable future in front of me as I have been working since I have been 17. But no, all I have got now are mounting debts ,suicidal thoughts ,real sadness,no motivation to go to work but still the thought to carry on gambling is in my head. I know there is no quick fix for this god forsaken disease as I have tried most of them. I am not a religious man but I would do anything to stop the thoughts of wanting to gamble from out of my head.So to everyone good luck and god bless you all in trying to combat this terrible disease.x

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