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doing it alone
I have been gambling since i was 16 and i am now 22. It seems to come and go, but right now this is definitely the worst it has ever been. I have just gambled like i do every time i get money and i am just fed up. The scary thing is i don't get excitement off anything like gambling. But the feeling when you lose is horrendous at first but then a couple of hours later i find myself thinking........oh i could win it back tomorrow n then i will stop. Even if i walked in the bookies now and won i would not be up so i need to stop telling myself i'm up when i have won the odd amount (which is very rare) and just nip it in the bud now while i'm young. I really feel too embarrassed to tell anyone about it so this is a big step coming on here and writing about it.

I can't really see myself going to one of the meetings because i just don't have the time, but what i am going to do is try and come on here and talk to different people to make sure i don't go back in the bookies. I think it's something that will always be in my blood because i enjoy it so much, but i just need to realise what it is doing not only to me but to the people around me, because if they knew they would be so shocked, angry, upset, which is why i don't tell them. It is something i have to come to terms with on my own but i am very determined now to do it. starting from now 24/2/11
First thing, you have taken a massive step in admitting you have a gambling problem. If you do something about your gambling problem while still at a young age then you have the rest of your life ahead of you to lead a happy & productive life. Gambling....short term pleasure, long term misery! If you continue to gamble your life will get worse and that is a certainty...
I hope you have read other stories and literature section here on the GA website & also used the chat room for help. I would offer my advice based on my own experience and many others to attend a GA meeting ASAP. I gambled from an early age until I was 38 years old, I was penniless, nearly homeless and lost all my self respect. Going to a GA meeting was the best thing I had done in my life. There you will be made welcome and meet other fellow compulsive gamblers like yourself.
Try to forget what you have lost and move on with a bet free life. Think about telling loved ones about your gambling problems, they may be hurt to begin with but will respect you for seeking help. Try to hand your finances to someone else so you do not have access to your money. Why do it alone when there is so much help out there?

Yours in Unity

Les GA
my name is michael been a gambler since i was 18 ,arrested the disease when i was 44 in 2009.
the only way i could do this is with the help of other members.I dont know many people who can go it alone.
you say you have no time to go to meetings but find time to gamble.
i was the same now cant believe i had any time to gamble.
Ive taken up running ,channeled my efforts into other things,my family,freinds,hobies,the hardest thing to do was to come clean to my wife and children.with there support and the support of ga the future is looking better.The disease is always going to be there,but with the right support and going to meetings life is better.
one day at a time
my name is michael and i am a compulsive gambeler.

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