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1 day at a time
My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I am now 281 days free from gambling,but I just take 1 day at a time as that is all we ever have.Even though Im that length of time free of the hideous disease I dont think ive started my recovery really,as nothing has changed in my life.Im still up to my eyeballs in debt,not directly due to gambling,mainly living off credit cards too pay my mortgage and living bills over the last 6 months.But had I not spent over 25 years gambling,I wouldnt be in this now,but I am trying too do the right things.I havent been too any meetings for over 5 months but theres no excuse really,I just cant face going to them,I dont know why.
Gambling is the furthest thing from my mind at the moment,all I am focused on is just paying the bills every week and trying to keep a bit of food too get by with.Ive never got any money,although I do have time,but havent had any urges to gamble at all,especially when i think of the destruction and damage gambling has done too me mentally and physically,and what it has taken from me,that is why Im alone and have very few friends,no girlfriend,no life and no motivation.But just for today I will not gamble.Andy.

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