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First time Post
Well done for admission and welcome to the fellowship. I hope you live one day at a time and continue your fight. It will never ever leave you.

But GA will show you the light.

Never and I mean never take this desease for granted.

Its a that I strayed from for a fleighting moment but now Im back on song to offer advice and also pursue my own path of abstinance.

Just so you know my first visit to GA was when I was in the same GF...future...I did well for 6months then slipped...then 3 months then slipped...

It got deeper and I lost that relationship...dont suffer the same fate.

GA can only guide it cannot cure, cure comes from daily focus.

My name is Barrie and i am a compulsive gambler and "just for today I did not gamble"

Take Care
Hi, Congratulations and pray your first meeting went well for you. You have many aspects in your favour in getting your addiction under 'control'. First, you have admitted your addiction. Second, you are willing to do something about it. Third, you have a supportive partner. Fourth, you still have 'youth' on your side. etc. etc.
Now you have to realize that this illness will always be with us but we can, with hard work and an open mind recover and live a wholesome, fullfilling, happy life a day at a time. Throw yourself into the program, don't mix with gamblers, don't go anywhere near gambling and live a new, fantastic life.
I love my GA family and don't risk the life I have today for anything or anyone. I have a feeling that you will be one of the fortunate people who will grasp this new life.
You take care
Your friend in GA fellowship

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