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what to do? job opportunity :-S
Hi all

Having been unemployed for several months, a job opportunity has arisen in a local BOOKMAKERS! Now I have admitted to having a gambling problem and have attending a few GA meetings, but do I take the job or not? Advice please
I think you probably know what the answer is! Why put temptation in the way? Well of course this is me and you are you!
I don't go anywhere near where there is gambling or near people who talk gambling. I know that these days it can be hard to avoid certain gambling and hey it even pops up on my computer and ask's me to try out 'FREE' Spins and get FREE bonus points but I am quick to delete or jump off the computer when this happens.
We do have a person in our GA group who works in the gambling Industry but he is very strong in his recovery and is not affraid to let people know that he is a 'CG'.
Think about it long and hard. We do not know your circumstances so it is a bit hard to give the right answer.
Advice: why waste all the time you have had beginning to get cured by being paid a X amount a week to be surrounded every day by temptation...

End result...failure and bigger problems..

I would rather be on the dole and gambling free than working and loosing it weekly.

Stay strong a good position for you will arrive.


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