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Gambling thoughts
My name is Vish and I am a compulsive gambler. This Tuesday will be 200 days gambling free. The reason I am posting this message is because in the last two days I have been having nightmares,about gamblibg. They have been very real to the point it seemed like I had gambled again. I am glad I had them as I know I have to be on my guard always. Long may my life be gambling free.
Hi, Shake the dreams off! - that's all they are. When I had my first one it was so real that I woke up in a sweat and it took me a good five minutes to work through it. I have also heard that it's pretty common and very real like.
Congratulations on your 200 days - fantastic! Spread the word how great life is without compulsivly gambling, we need to reassure the people who still suffer that life is so much better for us people in recovery.
Keep posting and sharing - it's part of our 12th step.
In Unity

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