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Hi everyone
Not sure what response if any i am looking for but sad to say i had a bet today after 5 years 4 months away from the horses today i cracked, looked at the racing pages of the newspaper and bookies website and bet, only a fairly insignificant amount that i can afford to lose but as im sure you appreciate this is not the point, i let myself down badly and im not sure how much i actually care right now but i know i should care a lot, i should feel angry with myself but i don' not tempted to bet again or chase but just so annoyed that i bet after so long being successful...before anyone tells me to go to a meeting i have to say im a live in carer working 90 hours per week and sleeping at work 7 nights per week so truly no time to get to a meeting regardless of time or day...just need a wake up call or some wise words i guess,
Sounds like you're in danger to me? Not caring is the worst part - it means you've forgotten the pain you presumably went through the first time?

The first bet is the worst – it’s the one that validates the next “oh that wasn’t bad – I’m in control” and then “oh dear, maybe not” and then tears and the hate kick in…again!

You have a psychological problem with gambling and probably in other areas in life.
I would be very worried mate.

I've done the same several times and always ended back compulsive gambling.

You need to make the time for a meeting as you made time to put this bet on.

Just for today.
I believe there is not such thing as someone who has once been a compulsive gambler all of a sudden being a sensible gambler. One bet will very likely lead to another, it might take a few years again, but the next gamble will be there one day and then before you know it your back to your old ways with the horrible gut wrenching feeling. The regret. The disgust in yourself. You did so well after so long. Dont fool yourself that this is just one bet. Its always just one more bet after that. You did the right thing posting one here, but do the right thing and dont undo all your years of good work and stay strong and dont go down that slippery road.
I make excuses for not going to meetings, no childminder etc, but I know I could go if I really wanted to. If you found time to gamble, you can find time to attend a meeting.
Stay strong x

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