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Do I need help ??
hi Wingnut,

my name is Chris and, in my opinion, the answer to your question is a very big and definite YES. If you ask yourself the basic questions that indicate whether you are a compulsive gambler, then you have already told everyone that you are!

The tell tale signs are:
You dont seem to be able to pass a bookies without putting on a bet.
You win but are back behind the counter within two days.
Your wife is not aware that you gamble and you lie to her as to why you have taken so much money out of the machine, and you are still looking for more lies to cover up your gambling.
And I suspect you will add to this list if you are honest.
However, you are a hopeless case all the time you do not admit you have a problem. The first and most important step to solving any problem is acknowledging you have a problem.
Once you do this then the GA recovery program has a chance of working for you. You will and should look for a regular meeting to go to and find a way of getting there every week.
You may think that your wife and kids are unaware that you gamble but she probably knows, or at least suspects.
It would break her heart if someone else told her due to the fact that she had a very abusive father who is also a gambler. The fact that you know how important this would be to your wife means that you have a reason to enter recovery, but if you cannot find the courage to tell her, it is unlikely you will find the strength to control your adiction, and will end up in deep deep trouble. Not necessarily money, but in your relationship.
A good relationship is NOT based on lies and deceit.
Please look hard at yourself. Consider what you said in your post and turn your life round before you, your wife and your child regret it!!

My name is Chris. I am a compulsive gambler. My last bet was Sept 2009.

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