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gamblers spouses
Found out my wife is online gambling again, 4th bout in last 3 years that has cost us tens of thousands up to now. being honest i dont really no where to turn i feel sick and helpless as she just tells me the more i ask questions like how much? where the funding is from? etc is that she will do it all the more.The last time i found out by accident when i got home early one day and got the post before she intercepted it. I found a credit card statement from an account in my name with my wife as a cardholder(it was set up by me years ago for my wife to use and service herself so she had some financial independence).I was horrified when i saw the balance. The ironic part of this she is gambling on electronic scratchcards. After the huge row(s)that followed and subsiquent depletion of savings she assured me that all accounts had been closed. I have now discovered that she is up to her overdraft limit on her personal bank account and is at her credit limit on her recently acquired credit card (account in her name). She is ultra secretive regarding her finances but did confess she is in trouble and i know a bail out from the joint finances is looming. I know it probably appears that i am only concerned about the money which is a factor but my wife will not admit she has a problem until after the event and then laughs at me when i suggest her(us)getting some help. We have been together 25 years of which up to the gambling have been great we both have responsible well paid jobs (she works nights therefore spends a percentage of her daytime with gambling opportunity). Can anyone advise as i feel it difficult to talk with friends colleagues or family.

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