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new day
My name is Andy and I am a compulsive gambler.Today is Saturday 19th March and it is day 300 without a bet,although I have not helped myself by watching Horse racing all week.I had absolutely no temptation or urge to bet,I just have too much time on my hands and Im totally bored with everything.I have no chance of having a bet as I am always broke anyway,but i dont care whether I have 1p in my pocket or not.Money is not the issue.I dont know how to ever recover or if I will recover,but all I know is that I waste my days,Im a waster,I do less and less each day and my motivation to continue just erodes with each day.I know things could be even worse if I gambled or if I lived in Japan,but it still doesnt kick my ass,which is what I need.But just for today I havent gambled.Andy
Hey Andy,

Wow 300 days thats almost a year thats brilliant well done. My husband is a compulsive gambler so far its been 8 days since he last gambled, well i hope 8 anyway. Dont be so down hunny its something to be really proud of, im no expert on this or very experienced so i dont really know what to say about the other stuff but keep going to meetings and if you know someone you can trust try voice all this out you might feel better just to get it off your chest, but in the mean time keep up the good work and well done xxxx
Hi Andy,

I lost all my money gambling just a couple of hours ago so 300 days is amazing and I hope one day I will get there too. For now though, I'm stuck with that horrible feeling of helplessness that you managed to avoid for so long. Stay strong Andy!
You will get there if you do it the GA way.I never thought id go 1 day without a bet,ever,I was in an impossible situation,and with the guidance and help from GA I have only abstained for 301 days.You can gain the strength needed from GA just take 1 day at a time.Good luck.Andy
Maybe it is.I would like to go back to the happy and positive person with loads of energy and zest for life I had,before 25 hideous years of gambling took it all away.

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