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22 year old and need help.

I know exactly what you are going through. I am 23 and live with my partner and my 2 year old daughter. Our lives are good and i wouldnt say that we struggle for money. I work in an office behind a computer all day and my gambling addiction started because i got bored at work. I stopped for a while when my partner found out and was really doing well but now i have done it again and feel really angry with myself. I dont want to gamble but cant help have a go which then leads to another and another
Hi guys

As a recovering gambler I know I don't gamble because I go ga weekly, and as with everything in life the more effort you our in the more you get out. Going to Ga is pointless unless you start living your life by the Orange book. It is a guide on living a gambling free life and therefore a better life. Why wouldn't you want to put the effort in?

My name is Vish and I am a compulsive gambler. The last time I had a bet was on the 27th of August 2010.
im 24 from northern ireland and pretty much in the same boat. i gambled fruit machine when i was in primary school and now seem 2 throw every penny i have into machines. i'm constantly broke, constantly in debt and constantly lying. i haven't told any1 i know that i have a problem because i'm paying off student debt i always have an excuse where my money went.
In the past year i've started hitting the horses more n more cos as u say, 1 win is a big pay out. i've even started betting on the dogs. i've always been told over the years real addicts bet on the dogs. never consided being that person but as i'm on this site ive become that person.

i hope you get ur addiction sorted as i'm only tryin 2 find help now and i've finished uni for 3 years and have only got in more debt. gd luck

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