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At Last.....
Hi Paul, You are young and have the intelligence to address this addiction. This is a very serious illness and it is very rare that a compulsive gambler can overcome the addiction alone. You have to understand that this is an addiction that will be with us for the rest of our lives, but we can live a 'normal' life but for me the only thing that worked was the GA program. I tried Doctors, Councillors etc. etc but the only thing that has worked for me is attending a GA meeting and just living 'one day at a time'. Mind you it has taken me many years of misery and chaos, marriages, homes, assetts etc. before I was at my absolute 'rock bottom'. I had to change my whole life around. I do not go near any gambling venues, do not mix with anyone who gambles and never 'talk' gambling. This may seem hard for a young person to follow but better this life than years ahead of misery, regrets and hopelessness.
I won't WISH YOU LUCK with this because LUCK does not come into it. It's up to you and some hard work.
I wish you well and may you find what I have!
Peace and Serenity

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