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husband makes me feel stupid
My heart goes out to you,in our family its me who has run up thousands of pounds worth of debt.6 mths without gambling for your husband,thats a good start.a shame about the relapse.a very good idea to have seperate bank man has been very understanding altho i wonder if this would have been the case if i had used his money or he had to bail me out-all debts are in my name!meetings sound like something he needs to attend and would benfit you.have u attended before?i would love to go but live too far away,the people from ga have been very helpful and encoraging and i hope to help myself by using the chatrooms and reading the forum posts.its day 4 for me and im positive,i cant let my kids down anymore.know its hard but try to keep smiling,things really do sort themselves out in the it one way or another.take one day at a time,look at your kids and think how blessed you are,they have a habit of picking up on stress so prob why one of them not sleeping,also if daddys gone its unsettling...i imagine teaching to be stressful and with everything else going on in your life it must seem theres no light at the end,there is-there has to be.we'l get there.keep positive,give those kids a hug and smile,however hard it is!!good luck and god

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