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Had enough
Hi serena,snap all i can think about at the minute is having a gamble,trying hard not too.i used to relate to tarot cards and horoscopes then i realised there are millions of people in the world who have the same star sign,they cant be correct for everyone.yup the minute i saw my 11 year old playing the freeplay slots i knew something had to give.had to sit and tell them the money had all gone last nite.half hour ago he came in and gave me 5 pounds towards our hol next month.made me want to bloke the same,he sat and watched me waste my money last time i gambled-i have begged him in the past to stop me.i cant blame anyone but myself,a stop button is wishful an ideal world all cgs should have one!!!have you thought about the gambling blocker you can get for your laptop?was suggested to me last night in the chat room.once you have made the descion to stop it makes you feel a teeny tiny bit better,i still wake up in the night with disbelief at what iv done and have to jump straight out of bed in the morning cos i cant bear to lie there with my thoughts.the one day at a time is working 4 and as of yet i have not gambled.xx

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