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Had enough
Hey Girls...thats both of you!!

Seems your both sharing some experiences in what your doing but not actually getting to the whole point!!

Ga does not have shame, its not sexist, does not discriminate but it does help to stop you gambling.....

Why do your partners watch and not say anything until you loose?? probably because they prefer that than you both either being miserable, grumpy or intolerable if you have not had a bet.

See when we are in action its all we think about...when we are out of action and see the light we think about not being in action...

"just for today" I did not was not a thrill....I sometimes think of lucky numbers...sometimes dream of being rich....but today life was i did not gamble....

most importantly because I did not gamble I won.

Seems more important than discussing what you both have in common you should take some long hard looks at yourselves and say how together can we stop, then you will know what the fellowship (sounds sexist!!) so I will say gathering of likeminded people instead is about.

Because even though I am athiest I believe an angel stands over me and reminds me every day that "god granted me the serenity to accept the things I couldnt change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference"

you may even find if you both had that "courage" then your partners would not just ignore you whilst your engrosed on a laptop.

Sorry to be blunt ladies...gambling certainly ruined me...but I had the strength to accept and change...thanks to GA and GA and its support is what you need to gain the strength to fight.

Best Wishes.


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