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let myself and family down again!
Hi there....

The pain and shame is part of recovery as compulsive we hurt yourselves and others around us. The pain and shame is part of finally taking responsibility of your actions.

As compulsive gamblers we live in denial and when the world comes crashing around us all the pain and shame that we haven't let out whilst in this denial state of mind seems like it will never end...

But it gets better....

Get to a GA meeting as soon as possible, just take one day at a time, put barriers in place and finally get involved in GA......engage with GA

I have hurt my self, my family, my wife left me.....but I've had 6 months without a bet, it kills me to look at the past but keeping in touch with past and all the trouble I've caused is part of my recovery.

The shame is hard but I live my life through this saying " I'm ashamed of the person I was, but i'm not ashamed of the person I am today ".............because today I didn't lie, I didn't waste any money, I didn't waste any time and I didn't gamble...

You can do .....get to GA as soon as you can...Best of luck
Us cgs all know how you feel.its amaing how well your chidren cope with it.when i told my kids they were week i told them we were rich-after i won a big sum of money,the next week id blown it all and then some. i too at the moment cant ever imagine day at a time tho and i certainly feel better than what i did 3 or 4 days that point i didnt ever want to get out of bed again.its hard the thoughts of gambling are always in the back of your mind,kind of like a drug addict who needs a fix,i certainly feel like i need a fix of gambling regularly.but just for today i WILL NOT gamble.x

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