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im 24 years old and dont earn a large amount of cash. i went to uni and finished in alot of debt. the most of it was due to gambling. i finished uni 3 years ago and im in more debt now than i was. i get paid weekly and seem 2 b constantly givin my wages away 2 pay for wot i spent during the week on gambling. i rent a house and borrow at the end of every mnth becos i have spent everything ive earned throughout the month and end up spending the month tryin 2 pay back what i owe, yet i still manage to gamble more money away every month. ive been goin out wit my girlfriend for near 2 years now and she has no idea. i dont lie to her but never been question why im always broke. i dont want to tell her about my problem as its an embarassment can anyone give me some advice on wot 2 do from here. cant keep goin on like this, becos il end up outta my house n in the long run without my girlfriend.

thanks for any replys
Hey Flashman,
Dont have much advise my friend apart from go to a nearest GA meeting, if you dont think you will be able to tell the GF then that is fine.

Once you have been to that meeting you may feel better about living an honest life away from it and opening up.


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